Letter from a Turker to Amazon

Posted on the boards:
I'm writing about a recent spate of account bans that have been reported at the turkernation.com forums. As you probably know, this site collects some of the most active, energetic, passionate, and committed users of MTurk.
Shockingly, many of them have been banned in the past few months because of the mistakes of only a few requesters. In the most recent case a user who had done 60k HITS with a 99.1% approval rating, and conservatively worked for the same few posters found herself banned and blocked.
Again, one of your MOST committed users is suddenly out of a job and without recourse except a polite letter from MTurk that you'll look into it later.
I don't know what's worse, that the people who might be your best advocates are getting spuriously banned or that Amazon seems to think this is OK! You are the world's preeminent customer service company and the level of customer service for the workers on this site is close to pathetic.
And I like the site!  link

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