A reasonable idea, a telling commentary

This comment from the Turker Nation forum seems both reasonable and very telling:
I never understood why messages sent between worker and requesters were not done through Mturk. It would be much easier to log in and get your messages. I would also like to see blocks listed the way qualifications are listed. This way, workers know who has blocked them and how many blocks they have.

If we eliminate the issue of human decency and look at this purely from a business standpoint, Mturk is hurting itself with the way it is handling blocks and suspensions. Mturk gets a percentage from requesters for each HIT workers do. I understand they want to make sure requesters get good work so they continue to use Mturk. However, their current approach will not always get rid of bad workers. As many have said, scammers will use multiple accounts and computers. On the other hand, they are losing some good workers. Many workers sometimes use their earnings to buy things from Amazon. Each worker has family and friends who buy from Amazon. It is not good business to treat workers poorly.  link

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