Bad customer service is never funny

The ban-monster strikes again:
Haha, this is pretty funny. Today I received two emails from Amazon apologizing for the warning emails, apparently only the first of three warnings were valid, the other two were Amazon mistakes. They say that the account has been reactivated... we'll see if they follow through.

EDIT: In true Amazon fashion, my account was never reactivated... and I still have no way of contacting them. I posted in the requester forum with no luck whatsoever. I honestly don't know how Amazon is in business, their support is by far the worst I have ever seen in any business yet
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What does it mean when the world's premier technology corporation, which prides itself on customer service, lets this stand as the example for their flagship crowdsourcing platform?  I think it means they're not paying attention.

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  1. I don't mind "badmouthing" Amazon at all! I earned over $300 on Mechanical Turk. Now I can't get the money out of my Amazon account. Seems it's just locked there permanently. They won't verify my bank account and I don't want one of their cursed gift cards so I don't get paid. Been trying to get that money unlocked for over a month now. Amazon sends me emails to try stuff I have already tried, and they always respond from a no-reply mail box. I am hard of hearing so I won't use the phone. Bottom line, when it comes to email the policy is, "Don' write us, we'll write you. Meanwhile, they have my $300. How many other people out there have $300 locked up in Amazon accounts? It could be millions. Crooked is what I call it.

  2. I have joined the Mturk "ban" wagon. My account has been blocked and deleted with $128 because my account information cannot be verified. I gave them my SSN and my bank account number plus they sent me the two small deposits which I verified but still they blocked me! What to do now? What will happen to the money that I slaved for on that stupid site?