No-interference doesn't mean no-standards

Here's a quote:
mturk wants it both ways- they say they're not involved, and it's between us and the requesters, yet they suspend our accounts for blocks.   link
It's from, the ProBoards forum where Turkers post about their experiences on MTurk.  By and large the experiences are positive and the people there are eager for and appreciate good work and fair practices.  For the record, this blog has no affiliation with that site.

What that quote shows off is the current slack excuse that Amazon uses to justify their lack of a coherent, common-sense, responsive policy.   But as the poster highlights, it doesn't matter what happens between a Turker and a Requester until Amazon authorizes those actions as reasons for full site suspensions.  This blog is not about defending bad workers; they exist and shouldn't be on the site.  But when good workers are caught up in the same net and have to scrape and grovel to get back on to the site and work, it's a problem.

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