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Spamgirl says:
I've been working for a long time just to get mTurk to set up a Requester/Turker communication portal of some sort, and they are all for it and yet it hasn't materialized. They don't have the people power nor the funding to add much to the site that doesn't directly increase revenue by pleasing requesters.

Like you said, it takes an enormous effort to get mTurk/Amazon to make changes based on Turker feedback. I've been working with them as much as possible and honestly, they're doing what they can with what they have and I respect their efforts... but the things we're asking for are relatively huge, and the platform mTurk is built on, code wise, is shaky. For example, it's broken right now! Who knows why...

I've slammed my head against the mTurk wall enough times to know that after a while it's not worth having lofty goals  link

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