If your employee exit interviews looked like this, what would you do?

  • This is getting to be ridiculous.  Random rejections,random blocks and suspensions,no turker or requester support(just check out the official requester forums)... It's obvious that Amazon treats Mturk like a bastard child it never wanted. Suspensions and blocks hurt only the legitimate workers.Any blocked scammer will just create another account and start scamming again. It's not true that turkers can't do anything to change the current situation,boycotting mturk and leaving hits in the hands of "less capable" turkers for a couple of days as well as a little bit of media coverage should do wonders ... link 

  • They created something that has essentially become one of the largest and most diverse staffing agencies on the globe, and now it seems like they are ill-equipped to handle the enormous responsibility that comes with that.  link

  • I agree;but since I started turking in 2008. the whole thing just seems to be heading downhill,and Amazon isn't doing a thing to stop it.  link

  • When I got banned, I had just two blocks on my record, PED and Calliston-Burch. At least it looks like they are responding to you. They didn't respond to my inquiries for eight days, and then just wrote back and said that your account has been reinstated.  link

  • It's quite possible we're not getting all emails about blocks - I know a good portion of my mTurk emails never arrive.  link

  • This is not a requester problem. This is a problem caused by Amazon itself. They want us to believe it's a scattered issue. IT ISN'T, Amazon has the sole power to fix this, they just don't want to dedicate the time and money to govern MTurk the way it deserves.  link

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