Transparency is good for business

This commentary from the forum got right at the point.  Transparency is good for business and anything else is... not:
I wonder why they can't lay out the violations for workers in as much detail? Or is it somewhere written where I haven't looked yet? I have read the participation agreement and apart from "don't use bots or scripts" it doesn't tell me much about what I'm allowed to do and what not. I have been reading here and in the other forum of workers who's account was suspended, apparently for violating the TOS, but they all have no clue what they did to be punished so harshly, just like Nisha here. And MTurk isn't telling them either. It's just a very weird and rude way of dealing with people, not at all fitting for a 21st century business, and it leaves many workers tense and wondering whether they do everything right according to their mysterious terms, or not.  link

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