A Turker horror story

It's almost Halloween, so a good fright tale is in order.  It began one morning on Mechanical Turk.
Greetings from Mechanical Turk.

We regret to inform you that we have suspended your Mechanical Turk account effective immediately. This action was taken because we received repeated complaints from Requesters regarding the quality of your work. In particular, you were blocked by several Requesters.

You may withdraw any remaining balance on your account by logging on to your account on http://payments.amazon.com If you have an Indian worker account your balance has already been automatically remitted via check.

The Mechanical Turk Team  link
That's how the story begins.  Here's the horror part:
This is my only source of income. I've done everything by the f****** book. I'm losing money now because of this. 
Classify It blocked me and refused to respond.
PED Research blocked me cuz they didn't know what to do.
Now I probably got a block from drawing boxes around people. 
Nothing else. I've drawn plenty of boxes around so I don't see how I could get it wrong. Did I miss someone in the distance maybe? Does that merit a block cuz I couldn't see a tiny person somewhere? I don't know. i don't even know if they blocked me since I didn't get another block email.
Now, i have zero income until this gets resolved, if it gets resolved. Being unemployeed is hard enough but at least I had mturk so Iw ouldn't have to borrow money for food or anything. Now I get to go back to being unemployeed until this straightens out.  link
I have some sympathy for Mechanical Turk.  I'm sure they get a lot of bad workers who try and scam the site.  But what about the people who do little to nothing wrong, who have been working for months, doing thousands of successful tasks, only to have a few aberrations result in this.

Is Jeff Bezos listening?  Is this what Amazon.com sounds like?

Silence... Scary.

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