Close calls and near misses

There was another trainwreck posted on the boards.  This one was escaped, but barely, and not without the usual panic, confusion, and hand-wringing.

Stage 1:  Surprise... You're Banned!
"Although I’m new to these forums, I have been turking for about 7 months. I used my Mturk account without issue in the morning and when I turned my computer on in the afternoon and tried to log in, instead of my dashboard I had a message stating my account was suspended by the Mturk team.

During my time on Mturk I have had about 7,000 HITs approved (many of these being transcription HITs for both CastingWords and SpeechInk) with only 50 rejections for an approval rate of 99.4%. I had just passed the $1100 mark a few days ago. I have searched through these forums trying to find information by reading posts by other workers who had their accounts suspended, but I still have a few questions I was hoping to get some help with.

Upon trying to log in and noticing that my account was suspended I checked my email account hoping to find an email with some sort of explanation or at least a notification that the account was suspended, but I have not received any type of notification from Mturk. Do they usually send an email as soon as your account is suspended or must you contact them first if you hope to receive any type of explanation as to a reason for the suspension?

...I have used the contact form on the Mturk homepage in hopes of getting some more information on my suspension, but other than that I’m not sure there is anything else I can do."  link
 Stage 2:  Beg, Borrow, and Plead... Thank Spamgirl
"Just checked my email and my account has been reinstated :)
Thank you to spamgirl for anything she was able to do to get my suspension reviewed.
I still hope that the PED Research block situation is resolved for everyone that had that block put on their account unfairly."  link
This one turned out ok, but was it really necessary?  If this is what can happen to even the best Turkers, what does that say about Amazon's sense of customer loyalty and of rewarding trust?

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