A weekend with Mechanical Turk

I hope these stories don't feel repetitive; the truth is, they are repetitive.  On any given morning, even the most experienced, trustworthy Turker can wake up to this:
Just out of the blue my account was suspended. I cant figure out what could be the reason.

I had 200 Hits pending with chris who confirmed that he has not blocked me.

I had 4 hits with intellius but they are in pedning status in amazon payments which means they are approved.

I had 4-5 hits with classify it, may be he has blocked me but i doubt that they would cause i have done only few of them.

please help me guys what do i do, i have message spamgirl any other advice?

PS: I am one of the victim of PED research block!  link
 One or two bad requesters can ruin an entire account.
Check your spam email folder. Mturk emails you when a requester has blocked you. However, the email may not arrive until 1 or 2 days after the block.

Amazon Requester recently blocked many workers, reason unknown. It does not matter that the worker had not done work for them in recent days or weeks. It also did not matter that they had paid for completed hits. Based on my experience with them, I would say that payment or pending payment does not guarantee that requester has not or will not block you.  link
Again, this is happening to the better Turkers, not the slew of scammers and drive-by workers.  And they notice:
I have checked spam folder and nothing is there. Seriously it is so humiliating for a worker to be treated like this.  link

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