Say What?

This site has collected a variety of small tragedies and injustices, but at least the people got to walk away with half of their dignity and their money, right?  Right...?
I had been working at mTurk since Jan 2009 and within a month had built up an impression that at last have got a genuine site to work for earning some money.

However, they according to me are the biggest scamsters, even worse than the PPC site owners. mTurk can suspend your account any moment and forfeit all your money without even bothering to give proper justification. Simply, they will state that due to violation of their TOS, the account is suspended and all earnings are forfeited. If you claim the money earned prior to suspension, they will say that they can’t do any more business with people whose accounts are suspended.  link
That's right.  If you are suspended for a violation of the terms of service, you can not only be permanently banned from the site, but you forfeit all of your earnings.  Yes.  No, I'm not kidding.  Yeah, even the ones you earned fairly.  Uh-huh.  Those.  The pending HITs too?  Yep.  And the bonuses for my great work?  All of it.  

And who decides when the TOS has been violated?  Oh, Amazon does.  And will they tell you what your violation was?  Nope.  Proprietary, company secrets, can't reveal the goods.  "Thank you for trying Amazon's Mechanical Turk."

Um, you're not welcome...?

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