It happened in India

Mechanical Turk is not surprisingly used by people all over the world, especially where the exchange rate makes the HIT payments seem relatively rich.  Unfortunately, good workers from anywhere can be banned without explanation,  Don't mind the language differences, it's the same story:

Hai Friends,
I came to know about this forum today. I am working for a year and had no problems till March 31. On March 31 while I was working suddenly I got a message that My account was suspended. I asked for explanation. They replied Our system detected activity on your Amazon Mechanical Turk account that we believe violates the Participation Agreement/Conditions of Use, and have terminated your MTurk account . I don't know which one was violated by me and I asked this several times but didn't get any reply. At the time there was about 5000rs in my account and I lost that money. This was a great shock for me because I have a 4 year old child and has hearing problems. He was in treatment. The treatment and our daily life expenses was meeting with the income from mturk. when they suspended the account I am in such a situation how to find money for these. I am not able to go for work because of my son's treatment. Could any one help me in reopening the suspended account.  link

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