When the bell tolls... for you.

This is from TurkerNation.com:
Finally it is happening, after worked for MTurk for two years I am banned for no reason.

This is the reply from the customer support:


Our system detected activity on your Amazon Mechanical Turk account that we believe violates the Participation Agreement/Conditions of Use, and we have terminated your Amazon Mechanical Turk account effective immediately.

Additionally, we do not disburse funds for suspended accounts.

And then I fight back, what did I violate? I worked by myself and approval rate is more than 99%, what's wrong?

And here is the second mail:


I'm sorry for any concerns but your account was closed due to a violation of our Participation Agreement and cannot be reopened.

Any funds that were remaining on the account are forfeited, and we will not be able to provide any additional insight or action.

You may review the Participation Agreement/Conditions of Use at this URL:


Thank you for trying Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Well, I think what this guy said is true: http://blog.kyloo.net/2010/05/16/why-mec....how-to-save-it/

MTurk treats workers like s***, and please go on banning ppl for no reason and steal our money, without serious workers, who will work for you?

Suggestions for workers: Transfer every penny you earned.  link

Not good.  Not good.

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