Welcoming the newcomers

A classic.  This guy works in a college admissions office.  He wasn't treated like it:
I am new to Mturk and have only been working for about a week, I have around 4,000 submitted hits with only 2 rejections which gives me a 99.9% approval rating. I have not been banned from working from any requesters nor have I received any communication as to anything I was doing wrong. However last night Mturk suspended my account, in the email they sent me they stated it was because I have a low approval rating. I sent them an e-mail asking them to explain to me how I have a low approval rating, and they sent me an email back saying they were forced to suspend my account because of a consistently low approval rating, and that I am terminated, and may never open another account again, and that I will not be paid for any hits I had pending...

This all seems a little extreme for just two rejected hits. I am a newbie so maybe I misread and everyone is supposed to maintain a 100 percent approval rating all the time or be suspended..

I am just very very confused as to why this happened, and curious as to whether this is normal practice for Mturk. I was also wondering if there is any possible way anyone knows that I could get my account reinstated.  link
It turned out this guy poured a full week's worth of energy into categorizing college courses, right up his alley.  But he happened to stumble upon one of the less reliable requesters on the site and BAM.  Low approval rating = suspended = no reinstatement.  Ever.  On Amazon Turk, one bad batch of HITS can get you banned from the site.  Permanently.  Really?  Really.

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